Does God Ordain Suffering? Part 2

I don’t know how much straw a camel can carry. I don’t know how heavy a burden I can carry. We all have a tendency, however, to suppose that we can carry far less than we actually can.”~C.S Lewis Christian or not , suffering remains inevitable while you live on this Earth.The last post weContinue reading “Does God Ordain Suffering? Part 2”

Does God Ordain Suffering? Part 1

A great part of the difficulty we face in terms of really accepting this doctrine stems from the presence of suffering in our lives. We say that we believe that God is sovereign, but when we wrestle with events in our lives that are troublesome, bad things that happen to us, tragedies that befall us,Continue reading “Does God Ordain Suffering? Part 1”

To Play The Hand That You Are Dealt

If a man is called to be a street sweeper ,he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted or beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry.He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say ,here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well. ~MartinContinue reading “To Play The Hand That You Are Dealt”

Easter Is For Life.

What a way to come back? A holiday season and just like many times we often make plans ,they may not turn out exactly as we planned but we may not say the same thing about God’s plans. “The Death of Jesus is for life and not just Easter.” Why did Jesus Die? Humanly speakingContinue reading “Easter Is For Life.”

God Is Love

Since God is unique and in a class all by Himself, there are times when in an effort to either understand Him or explain Him, we take the attribute of God that resembles us most and make our human experience the lens by which we see God.Let’s use the attribute “love,” ~excerpt holier than thou~Continue reading “God Is Love”

Book Review- Redeeming Love

No one warned me how my heart strings would be tossed about like monsoon winds had a home in my heart or that my heart rate would sway between life and near death or even that the emotions that am barely learning to harness would mock me in this time and come bouncing out likeContinue reading “Book Review- Redeeming Love”

Happy February And A Sovereign God

Happy New Month blog fam. There is a beauty in beginnings it’s not knowing what tomorrow holds and having only hope to hold onto.May hope be kept aflame in your hearts as you navigate this next month and what it has in store for us. I came across a post that asked which God haveContinue reading “Happy February And A Sovereign God”

Can I Live A Christian Life?

“One of the worst assaults on God’s word comes from those who say they believe the Bible but don’t know what it says”~John Macarthur That is the message that hit me today morning and it does call for alot of reflection if you really think about it.It’s actually more heartbreaking to hear someone say ‘itsContinue reading “Can I Live A Christian Life?”

What Does It Mean To Believe?

Have you checked your feeds lately? This is perfectly rhetorical. It’s how you will find many messages professing love for God, being thankful to the God they believe and believe it or not I still receive prayer chains in this day and age. I know ,those that practically end with ‘Send this to five peopleContinue reading “What Does It Mean To Believe?”

Where Else Will You Turn To?

When those around you have stopped trusting God, when everything around you seems to crumble, when it seems as if you have lost the battle.Where else will you turn to? How can a Good God allow these bad things to happen to us?This question has either crossed ones mind, still lingers on ones mind orContinue reading “Where Else Will You Turn To?”

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