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November a little late.

Not sure how to begin this but nevertheless we are here ,back to scribbling. Was I ever gone? Let’s Catch up.

I took time  or rather chance sharing on different platforms last month.

So I was approached to write something on raising disciplined children and you can imagine what I was thinking.
I don’t have children,what would I know?
A Friend whispered ‘Teach what you know when you learn more you will teach some more’ and oh how time tells a story.
God willing one day I will tell the story of experience.

You can catch the article here

Its been quite a ride in October just like any one living alot of mountain climbing, sometimes a camp in the valleys , sometimes looking over to the green pastures, sometimes sitting and soaking in the beauty of creation and many times falling on my face in the Lord’s presence just thankful that he is there throughout.

When a friend contacted me to add a contribution to a post he was writing on Prayer.
I couldn’t say no better timing than then.
I asked him if he was open to me speaking Truth on what I have grown to learn rather than agree with him on everything.
He was such a sport he said ‘take it away no problem’

I mentioned this because today everyone believes there perspective is their Truth.
If everyone has their own Truth then ‘What is Truth?’
If Truth is based on what you feel, what you want, what you think is right or wrong according to your standards then we are in for a whole lot of trouble.

A friend always tells me ‘We can both be wrong ,one may be right and the other wrong but we cannot both be right, there is only one Truth.’
Just think about it.

You can catch the article here

Hope you enjoy the articles and on a nice note. Christmas movies have started showing. Don’t mind me. The bug is catching up.
While at it , am doing a whole lot of catching up on reading. Currently reading a book titled “Surprised by suffering by R.C Sproul.”

I hear Christmas Bells

All I can say is I can’t wait to live, love and write sentences you could understand.

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I Am a Christian and this is a space to explore more on the Truth of the Gospel, encourage practical living of the Gospel and finding answers to the hard questions. Hope you make this a learning arena with me. Catch me on the streets.

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