Family and the Pandemic 7

Hallo, thank you for accepting to take part in the family blog series.
So tell us, what do you think makes a family?

Biologically, its people of the same blood lineage (mother, father, brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews, grannies & the like) yet still, on the streets, a family is made up of people connected by and for the hustle.
They roll together to make it through life.

How would you best describe your family?

I come from the best extended family there ever been.
Raised by my aunt whose family got my back from day one, I became the sixth child.

What kind of family structure do you come from?

I grew up at my aunt’s home because my parents had separated when I was young so that makes it an extended family.
However, I am in close contact with both of my biological parents & we talk regularly.

What are your earliest memories of home?

My earliest recollection of home is at my grandmother’s.
A village home with a big garden and compound basking in its former glory. I was the only child at hers along with two of my uncles I didn’t blend well with because they were grown and there was nothing much to talk about with them. It was pretty much lonely.

Going back to answer of question three, when my parents separated, my grandmother took me in and after some time, my aunt picked me up and took me into hers till I was old enough to start my own life.

What do you most enjoy and appreciate about your family?

So, when I became a part of my aunt’s family, that’s where all my other definitions of a family come into play. My family is one.
We never leave any man behind and we will always look out for each other all the time.

You got a problem? Tell us, we’ll figure out a way. You got some good news popping? Tell us and we pop Champagne. That’s our family.

Unless if you really show you want to be a lone wolf, that’s when they will let you face the heat but at any one time you feel like the world you wanted to feel good about over them has beaten you, they will welcome you back and polish you up.
That didn’t stop only under our roof.
We did it for the neighbours and every other person who was genuine to us and it spread to us that we (the children) grew up with a lot of empathy that we feel a lot for so many people out there that we easily offer help.
But that only works if you show that you’re genuine because people easily take advantage of such scenarios.

If you had a problem, would you reach out to a friend or family member first and Why?

That depends on what particular kind of problem. There are some problems that need family to come in and there are some that need friends to come in.
I wish I could bring a perfect example but I am one who rarely reaches out for help.

However, if the problem is of a huge financial issue, I think I would ask family for help easier because they’re more likely to understand my situation than friends. small financial problems can be solved by friends.

Let’s talk about navigating Family during the pandemic.

What positive and negative impact has this had on you and family?

The pandemic didn’t in any way affect me and my family (not that I noticed any).
We communicated when we needed to as we always been doing (business as usual).

Would you consider that you have grown closer or apart from family during the pandemic?

Relating to question one, our relationship as family was never shaken.

Where have you put unrealistic expectations on your family?

None. I am more of an independent person so I don’t usually expect stuff from people.

Where have they put unrealistic expectations on you?

My biological parents want me to go to Dubai so that I make more money.
It puts me on pressure because it makes me feel like I am failing at life (psychological games).
At times feel like they’re quite true though, that life is moving slow here in Uganda for me though I constantly feel there is a big break coming my way.

Has your family let you be a grown up or they are still treating you like a child?

It depends on the situation at hand.
In some instances, they treat me like a child especially about instances concerning personal growth.

They really want to see growth and any time you’re slacking, there is someone hitting you up to ask what’s going on.
But all in all, they let you be as long as you’re alive and kicking.

Think of one thing that you said you would never do and you do it now.

Yes, I’ve thought about it, thank you.
But you didn’t tell me to tell it to you. However, I’ll tell you anyway.

I thought I would never watch series.
I used to see guys fretting about waiting for long periods for the next seasons and some were canceled.
Damn, I never saw myself going through that nonsense, but now, here I am, going through that nonsense (but it’s still a struggle though).

Think of one thing you said you would always do and don’t do it now.

I thought I would forgive a particular ex of mine in case she came back to apologize because I was sure she would and indeed she did, got back together but later i realized my heart was still not through with it.
I thought I would love her forever; it was a lie. Love is, I was made to believe.

In what ways has family shown you support or not during the pandemic?

My family has shown me support all the way. They emphasized that I always communicate regularly so that they know how I am coping.
One of them offered me a lockdown gig that helped me afford my rent bills. He could have got any one else to do it but I was considered first and I did it perfectly well.

Being stuck together/ alone in the same space for a long period of time has its own challenges.
How have you been intentional with having a time out?

I am mainly an indoors person usually inside watching movies, sleeping or writing stuff.
But I occasionally step out to go jogging or holla at friends in the complex just so that people don’t think I died inside.

Does technology play a healthy or unhealthy role in your family?

It plays a healthy role.

Give a short distinct description of what family time may look like in your household.

In my family, now that we have scattered each to their own house because of personal growth and what not, we usually still go back to our old folks’ home on weekends to give them company and catch up with their life, seek clarity and or guidance on certain issues as well maintain the bond.

Describe a recent time you were angry at a family member and how did you handle it?

None comes to mind that’s worth noting.

How have you grown over the time you spent during lockdown?

I have gained more understanding for the need to have meaningful friends, connections and more revenue sources.

Mention at least one way you have treated friends better than family.

I can’t recall a specific situation because one thing is that; I have a hard time saying no to requests so I am usually someone who friends constantly come to for help.
My family rarely does but I always chip in when the need arises especially for functions and health issues.

What would you choose to make more time for?

Career growth

Do they call you by your name or you have a nickname? Do you like it or you just bear with it?

They call me by my name and it’s fine.

Lastly I saw this Tik tok trend, walk into your home stretch your hands out to any family member you meet and see their reaction. It’s either a hug or kicks and punches. It would be interesting to find out.

We are not the touchie lot so it would kinda feel weird.

Happy New Month to y’all ,thank you for joining in on this journey of Navigating Family during the Pandemic.
Feel free to share your experience in the comments section.

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  1. I feel your pain about life moving slow here in Uganda,… I can agree that most of us feel stuck but it’s probably not our time yet. We just have to continue persisting at whatever it is that we are trying to achieve.

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