Traditional Wear – Culture and Fashion Week.

Today let’s visit Culture. Once you step on Ugandan soil you will be informed that each Ugandan comes from a tribe hailing from different parts of the country.

I come from the Western part of Uganda which also comprises of quite a number of tribes Banyakole, Bakiga, Batooro, Banyoro Bakonjo,Bahima,Bafumbira etc.

All different tribes in Uganda have different traditional outfits that distinguish them from one another.

These traditional outfits are mostly worn on ceremonies like Giveaway, Introduction parties, Coronation functions, Weddings etc.

Let me introduce you to my traditional wear.

For the Men they wear a ‘Kanzu.’
This masculine wear is similar to a tunic composed of white or cream colours.

Unlike other traditional outfits a ‘Kanzu’ cuts across many different tribes .

The Kanzu has a make of a dress and men usually wear trousers under it plus a coat over their shoulders.

It is also important to know the Kanzu is different from the Muslim wear and it’s usually by the designs.
The people you buy from can always help in this area.

For the Women we have what we call Omushanana which has its roots in Rwanda .

It’s a garment with three layers with a mini top or vest worn over a wrapper skirt with a shawl tied around the shoulders.

Another one would be called Suuti. It’s also won by women from Western Uganda.

This is common among the Banyakole, Batooro and Bahima.
It is very similar to the Omushanana and this particular wear is not meant to touch the ground but to be above it.

The difference for the tribes in the Western part of Uganda is how the shawl is worn for instance the Banyakole throw it over the shoulder, Batooro tie it in the armpits.

It’s wise to ask so you know which tribe your representing.

Due to the sentimental value attached to these traditional wears there some Donts when dressed in them.

One is expected to be gracious when dressed in these for example recent trends the leader of ethics in Uganda asked for ladies to stop twerking and dancing funny moves when dressed in traditional wear as has been the trend today.
Meanwhile how do you twerk in these…! Y’all ! It’s Crazy.

Never let the Shawl of the Omushanana or Suuti sweep the ground.

Never let your undergarments be visible.
It’s easy to go unnoticed as they is so much to wear heheh.

Don’t alter traditional design then it just ceases to be. We have seen some try to do this along the way but honestly you just end up looking dorky rather than trendy.

Most of these traditional outfits are worn on ceremonies and so you have got to know when and how.
People are always quick to help. Don’t hesitate to ask.

We are into Week 4 with Theme of Fashion and Culture under the Winter ABC2021 challenge run by the Afrobloggers.
Do read all the monthly posts it’s been quite enriching so far.

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    1. Hahaha I know it could be a debate seeing as some systems were dismantled but unfortunately for some its still distinct and considered separate. But yes Bahima are also Banyakole that I don’t dispute.

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