Death and Wills- Advocacy

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Tap yourself on the back for those who have reached this far, each milestone worth celebrating, for those reading us, encouraging us we see you and thank you.

So I had a list on what I wanted to advocate on this week but sometimes plans don’t always go our way.
Am currently grieving freely because those around me can allow me to and it changed some what on what I would write about.

A statement hit me on one of the tributes to my friend…

We keep putting off things because what is the rush right? We are young people right?
We have all the time in the world?”

The lies we keep telling ourselves and then when life happens you realise there walls you never actually built, you had a house with no walls.

It’s Wisdom to think about Death because it’s definitely something that will come our way.

Question is ‘When do you prepare for what next for those you have left behind when you gone?’

The fights for properties, lands, estates has gone on too long, you are tempted to think it cannot happen to you but can’t it?
Did those it happened to see it coming?

It’s a different thing to think something cannot happen to you and to actually plan for something to not happen.

It was years ago that I watched a Kardashian episode when one of the girls had given birth the baby was barely months old but she was going back and forth between choosing a guardian for her child when she is gone.

She had time to evaluate the kind of values she wants for her child and which sister was best suited to provide them.

That’s the first time I was intrigued and asked myself how many parents think of proper channels to ensure their children well being taken care after  they are gone.

Most times when a will is mentioned people straight up think property but sometimes it’s as crucial as picking a guardian and informing them ahead of time, putting it in writing if you have to.

You have a family and you know nothing of what your Father, Mother, Husband , Siblings happenings in their lives.
I watched it recently when a neighbor unfortunately passed on and people were already fighting before she had been taken to the burial ground.

If it is ignorance we can curb it now and start to have the hard conversations.
I loved what Patricia Opio shared here
Do read it! Very eye opening!

If it’s something you never thought about think of it now.

If you have children ,its okay to look out for guardians and inform them before hand.

If you have questions ,ask those who have gone before you.

We don’t have to know what it’s in your bank accounts but you can build something with purpose because who knows what tomorrow will be like.

Did you know in Uganda currently they are asking patients if they have a will or not?
Imagine making a Will in such panic!

Have the hard conversations when you can….

Why make a Will?

It will help to avoid family wrangles (why do families fight)
It ensures property is distributed by a trusted person.
It enables you to appoint people of your choice with no hassle.
It gives you time to make changes as time progresses.

Guardianship is actually one of the top items to include in a will.

Before I close off I encourage you to look out for the elderly around you.
Most people don’t realize how vulnerable they can be, they lament less because of the gray that comes with wisdom but they have needs and hope you can be able to help those you come across.
They are always around you, Some day you will be old too.

What a Week!!
May this birth alot more than meets the eye.
Keep Creating, Keep Building, Keep Encouraging, Keep on Keeping on.

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I Am a Christian, i have loved reading since i could spell, i love how words have the power to capture the soul and i hope my writings can help someone finally open their doors. You are worth it.

14 thoughts on “Death and Wills- Advocacy

  1. I’m always thinking about the afterlife, mainly because I’m a bit of a perfectionist so every time I do something, I think about how it’s going to affect my afterlife. Will God be pleased with what I’m doing?…you know… I have a lot of comes with wisdom though, simply because you tend to make the right decisions.

    I’ve also read What’s Your Legacy…quite eye-opening. Yoohhh
    You guys are busy propelling us to go do some soul searching. Thank you for this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have been to Facebook and that prompt of what do you want to happen to your account when you die, freaks me out hahahaha. I think death is not sthg we easily talk about yet now as a parent, I can’t deny that such thoughts of what happens when I am gone cross my mind. I know who will best raise my kid, maybe I should inform them.


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