BOTY 2020

You and I have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead.

The Sun never fails to rise

Thanks to Afrobloggers to helping us walk down memory lane .
Photos have always been my way of remembrance ,hence the many photos in my gallery….to write it out is a new experience.

This is also a typical moment to remind us that we will always talk about the Good times but we don’t share the Bad times.

It shows how the Sun never fails to rise and never be afraid to smile just because life serves you onions sometimes.

And while at it…
“Do keep Safe it doesn’t cost much.”

So about my Best Of This Year …..

Welcome to my Digital Scrap post.

Best Series.

13 reasons Why
The best part is that it has an ending ,it’s those series you watch to the finish.

It’s quite raw, it’s realistic ,it teaches and if you have tears keep some tissues close.

I attempted to convince people to watch it here

Best Book

Disclaimer I can never have one best book ,have read more books this year compared to the last 10years.

Harry Potter Series ,yes I reread it and it was refreshing to know I still love the good old friends I made then through the books. This book rekindles the dreamer in me.

Forty rules of love

I honestly wanted to do a review on this book and i just can’t ,I feel I could Mar it’s Richness. Ask and I shall gladly send it.

A friend i met through afrobloggers sent it to me and am grateful.

They had no right to do that. Every
individual is self-sufficient in his
search for the divine. There is a rule
regarding this: We were all created in
His image, and yet we were each
created different and unique. No two
people are alike. No two hearts beat to
the same rhythm. If God had wanted everyone to be the same, He would
have made it so. Therefore,
disrespecting differences and
imposing your thoughts on others is
tantamount to disrespecting God’s
holy scheme.”

Best Song

Gosh am I glad I found Moses Bliss or he found me…whichever it is ,it was worth it.

Too faithful -Moses Bliss

This song will definitely remind you of who God is ,no matter what place your at he is too faithful to fail you.

Best Podcast

Living life with the Lindsey’s.

My Story with the Lindsey’s goes way back from 2014 and am I glad I listened to them this year.
Firstly they are typical opposites attract, so different yet ardent builders.
They show what its like to work together , they challenge, they create, they show you what its like to live true to self and still live for God.
I always learn, laugh while I listen to them.

Best You tube Channel

Ndlovus Uncut.

Hungani and Stephanie Ndlovu

Hahahaha it’s funny watched this Channel start and it blew up in the shortest time I have seen.
(SouthAfrican YouTubers) I loved them from a series I follow (scandal)
They have made this year for me. It’s Raw, Realistic and well they are a nice people.

Best Facebook Page

Prophet Brian Kagyezi

No further than Prophet Brian Kagyezi page.
It’s literally the first page I really check on Facebook everytime am online.

For my spiritual nourishment…how else would I survive whoosh.

Best First Timer Moments

Traveling to Burundi.

It was easier to hold onto this memory as something good this year.
It was such a wonderful trip, we enjoyed ourselves immensely and I can assure those people are yet the best Worshippers have come across. So underrated.
You don’t need to understand the language they carry you along.
It’s forever engraved in my heart and plus I got to bask in Lake Tanganyika.
Cooooool…. right!

Goofing at the Lake


Who knew it would be the year 2020.
I honestly did it to challenge myself and it was timely i came in time for the African Bloggers Challenge.

It was super worth it, made so many friends, learned tips here and there, learned from so many blogs I will not mention names because iam such a lover hehehe.

We made 7months yeayi. Thank you.

I went Salsa Dancing with a friend.

It was random but she knows I love to just move my body anytime so I said yes.

It was definitely fun and yes apparently am a natural dancer (not my words).
One hiccup you dance with a partner and that involves dancing with many different people which was quite out of my comfort zone so I just need a willing partner and we learn and go again hehe.

Some of the Best Moments

Celebrating Family.
We ate more cake this year than any other years and the joy is unforgettable.

A sister got married
On my birthday
More birthday celebrations (my niece)
Attending Christ Fun (Christian Comedy Show
At Izumi celebrating a friend
More Weddings
Travel tales with my brother

Throwing my friends Bridal Shower.

Gosh ,
God provided, people came through and am glad i gave her what she always dreamed of.

Her being surprised

Good life requires we take pleasure in new things , we take pleasure in moments.
Smile more
Love fully
Live full

Catch you in 2021 and Gracias for being faithful followers.
Toast to Greater.

Till 2021

Published by conniedia

I Am a Christian, i have loved reading since i could spell, i love how words have the power to capture the soul and i hope my writings can help someone finally open their doors. You are worth it.

17 thoughts on “BOTY 2020

  1. What’s BOTY but an excuse to flex on all the good from the year and those pics we would life’s adventures you would have never shared with us🀣

    Wow not bad for 7 months work congrats
    Here’s to a 2021 with more of the good stuff πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s good to see all the good things that went down this year. I love that for you!

    You’ve done an amazing job with your blog. So glad I ran into you soul sister πŸ’•
    Wishing you the best only in 2021! πŸ₯‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I know I’m late to the party but I smiled reading this.

    I’d say it again, you are a pure delight! Happy New Year, Miss Delightful! πŸ€—

    I love you plentyyyyyyyy β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️

    Liked by 1 person

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