My Scamtember

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I usually liken myself to the first son in the parable of the sons Matthew 21(read it) .
Am here fulfilling a pledge to Uncle B hope you have followed his series on scamtember , they are relatable and hilarious but also honest and I applaud his brevity to share. (Check this one out
Who ever willingly writes of the times they didn’t come out heroes.
Don’t show us the plane you took show us the rivers you waded through that right there is the real hope.

Well let’s hope into it. I wish the scammers in my life knew my friends they would know they have debated ages on what kind of gifts to get me ,maybe then they would have succeeded in scamming me.
Have escaped approximately four scenarios but I will share of one.

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This particular day dawned all sunshine i could swear the sun rose at midnight, it was one of those days ,work had gone great, ministry was exhilarating, had come from an amazing weekend.
I opted to step out to take a stroll instead of having lunch.
My favourite song then came on full blast ,picked it from my pocket checked the number ,didn’t recognize it but with the mode i was in I shrugged “what the heck”.

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Picking the phone call was not a smart choice then.
The background was clattered with loud music (the kind of music I had long left behind), and this guy who clearly was having an extremely better day i could have downplayed my happiness then.
In a loud excited voice he called me by my mother’s names saying you are a lucky winner (technically one of my numbers is registered in my mum’s names ) I had to adjust to being called Matilda and not Connie and no i wasn’t guilty the phone is mine it was just my mothers name heheh.

The man was too excited i wanted to tell him to calm down ,he quickly caught on that my reaction wasn’t all daisies.
He went ahead to ask me to dial a certain code on my phone (see telecom companies have too many codes most times the new ones are introduced to me by my brothers).
I asked why he said oh you will receive extra minutes.
I dialed the code and indeed i received about 75minutes thou it didn’t excite me ,i rarely make phonecalls anyway.

Still sensing my reluctance, he went ahead to ask me so many questions I started frowning at my shoes because i didn’t like the line of questioning.
Where do I work? Who do I live with? How much do I earn?
Most of these were answered non satisfactory. For a moment the man lost his temper meanwhile the music was still blasting he would pause and shout a message across to someone else.

He got angry at me and said I don’t act like a winner ( you would think I would know what i have won by now), he said i wasn’t in the least bit excited or happy . He asked “Did i really want this ?’

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Classic act from don’t mess I hang up and now am thinking sssh i can afford to lose anything with that kind of disrespect.

Maybe the hang up did the trick who knows , the man called again.
Why did I pick up the phone again?
Most probably i was still on the high or maybe I was curious who knows.

The man didn’t apologize sadly but he went on to say i had won a car and they were bringing it to wherever i was.
Quick thinking I told them oh great bring it to my workplace (atleast there would be a bunch of people to witness anyway).
Interestingly they got the address and assured me they were bringing the car .

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At this point I dared to see myself in a car ,i started to determine how fast i would learn to drive ,I could feel my hands on the wheel ,my feet fidgeting to figure out a clutch, a break or even just seeing the corners i would find hard to navigate.

The euphoria feeling lasted a few minutes, then he was back to questions. He started to explain things that sounded so far fetched and how i had to send money to change the cars names into my names so i could drive it that day etc.

You would think they were asking for change and that is how i sensed the car slipping out of my hands and slowly recited vanity can easily overtake wisdom.

I hang up and immediately made a call to my father telling him the whole ordeal maybe i was secretly hoping he would send the asked amount and say it’s real.
He comforted me with more hilarious tales of his people he heard who got conned in similar manners and applauded me on being wise.

If only he knew that was one of the longest phonecalls i ever had and it’s etched in my memory.

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They say no harm done no foul done , i say a thief is a thief no matter the victim.

It’s safe to say in Uganda you receive more wrong calls than you bargained for.
Recently watched MTN giving Cash prizes the number of people who didn’t believe their phonecalls shows exactly where we stand.

Have you shared your scamtember story yet?
Adios ,till next time.

Published by conniedia

I Am a Christian and this is a space to explore more on the Truth of the Gospel, encourage practical living of the Gospel and finding answers to the hard questions. Hope you make this a learning arena with me. Catch me on the streets.

8 thoughts on “My Scamtember

  1. You are so right Connie, it takes a certain type of courage to pick a moment of folly and share it with the world and say look world am a foolish foolish mortal man
    Some of the scamtales I wrote about, I have never told anyone I took an Ls and kept it moving…

    You would think people stay safe from scams because they are vigilant but truth is the scam artists know how to get past your defenses get you excited about something and soon have you forgetting about all the red flags… Its very cruel and unusual too hahahahaha imagine you already seeing yourself in a car except its someone selling you dreams, no its not dreams its a nightmare when you realise you have just been scammed


    Liked by 4 people

    1. I know you are so braveeee and I see it. Thank you for sharing I may laugh now but I know we all need to learn because the scammers are upgrading besides history repeats.

      They are emotional manipulators really

      Liked by 2 people

      1. they are the worst emotional manipulators ever!!!! I sometimes wonder if they go for some of psychology training is there some anonymous group of scammers where they share trade secrets and the ones that no longer work ?


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