Unapologetically you is what I want.

They say we keep changing as we grow but one thing has stuck twenty something years later. I cannot seem to be able to voice what I think better than when it’s actually written down,
we shall talk communication another day. When I speak it still sounds like a harp with the right notes but when I write it’s a whole orchestra in my ears. Why this site? I have written tad bits here and there and never considered it serious not until some arm grabs ” Do consider blogging you have something to share” I have to admit it’s been a long while coming around mostly because I wanted the right time psssh as if there is ever a right time. Even when lockdown started I stalled and nope our president we lovingly or grudgingly refer to as Grandpa kept extending the days with a touch of humour ,no sense of letting up and here we are. I got up and am putting it out there.

I have mentioned in one of my past blogs of how I have a pact with introversion. (https://behindclosedscreens.wordpress.com/2020/05/29/plant-a-tree/ ) and the peace I have made with it unfortunately still triggers some people around me the wrong way . The peace I made with my introversion side has enabled me see beyond black and white. I know what it’s like to see the world through others eyes ,before it was a judgement and it slowly became a strength that relayed hope , comfort and mostly love my own way. Am in love with what is honest ,real. I don’t want what you show the world am willing to poke at your shadows, trudge through the closets and change clothing if we have to ,well because I can be persuasive too, I learned that like yesterday.

“I can love who I think you are or you can allow you to be yourself so I can love you.”
This hits home each time !!

I know that often I catch myself in a moment realising the person they are in love with they haven’t met yet.
I believe this site is one of those safe spaces to educate myself and also create a safe space for people to be educated. You know what makes up this world!! Nature is serene, am not an animal person but I appreciate them, what makes up this world!! Is every human still breathing.

” Find your truth the more you show up the more you will be found.”
This site speaks of authenticity ,it’s meant to show you that the person you trying so hard to hide is the being undergoing perfection and still being moulded. I might muddle up in your feelings , get up in your kitchen, take a stroll in your backyard and even sit in the mud with you.

Heck!We have learned to put on the mask to fit the normal and yet we will never understand what you do not say.

It is all about the possibility of Growth .
People’s well-being and sense of self.
What is the niche ? Lifestyle and Health with and on Purpose.
Nothing is off bounds ,I hope to create a safe space for someone’s different and that they will flourish and bloom to their best version. Now let’s journey.

Published by conniedia

I Am a Christian, i have loved reading since i could spell, i love how words have the power to capture the soul and i hope my writings can help someone finally open their doors. You are worth it.

2 thoughts on “Unapologetically you is what I want.

  1. …When I speak it still sounds like a harp with the right notes but when I write it’s a whole orchestra..
    I resonate with this so much… The words we can’t say are best written.


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