A Luck (Lack) of Joy

Hallo Blog Family it’s been a crazy while and I will not bore you with extra details like for instance Lockdown days in Uganda are winding down but we not certain what the President thinks in fact we are clueless hence the numerous rumours running around.

Today i decided to tackle a topic we can definitely all relate with maybe it’s in correlation with the season we are in.
With what’s happening in different countries all around us it’s easy to be in a place of a “Lack of Joy.”

Yes it’s quite easy to be in that place in fact you don’t have to look further to know it to be true.
If Joy was truly one that could be acquired anywhere would you opt to ever be sad?
I definitely can’t lie it’s been quite a trying season and have had my share of days where I have lacked the Joy.
Thou honestly no one likes to be sad it’s why we are in a constant state of people trying at creating Joy.

Do what makes you happy. They say!
Self care is a new prescription.
Work at what you love. They shout!
Stay away from toxicity. They telling!

I understand we all just trying at this life thing and anything to make you happy.
We all know when you really really sad none of the things above truly give a sense of joy, they could make you happy for a little while but Joy?

Have you experienced Joy, that feeling that’s determined by nothing around you not that your insensitive but that you know that you know it can’t take away what you feeling.
I have had days where Iam convinced nothing and I mean nothing can stop that light feeling in my heart. I would describe it as height, difference is its not gotten from anything exterior.

I have admitted to their being seasons and times when you lack joy we have to get some things clear first thou.
Joy is not an emotion but it can lead to some emotions like happiness, gratefulness etc.

Truth is our feelings are as changeable as the signs in the skies.
They are affected by all sorts of reasons like physical health, death, weariness etc.

Have you felt a lack of Joy lately or remember a time when you lacked Joy?
Good! It is important to be largely aware of your emotions contrary to what we hear today.

It serves to be aware of where your at but not to be controlled by what you feel.
When it’s up to choice it will always lie with you.
No one can lift your hand to slap another across the cheek you made a choice to lift that hand.
When you lose your temper, When your impatient. These are choices you have chosen to make.
Interestingly not many people are in control of their emotions because they are not aware of them.

Perhaps it’s not safe enough for you to be vulnerable or your afraid of being overwhelmed by emotion but ignoring how you feel doesn’t take it away it seeps into your body and your body will act out it doesn’t lie.
Body, Spirit, Soul are all closely related ,one suffers they all suffer.

Do not be angry at yourself for feeling so strongly ..Sounds cliche but Jesus did Cry.
Tears are a natural.
I like to say or rather think you can be sad but don’t be sad forever.

Joy without happiness is not joy but neither would Joy be Joy if one had to always be happy.
Joy is a state of being in which one is lively, energetic, confident and positive minded.

No one continually feels joy all the time but it is possible to be joyful more often than not when we continually encircle ourselves in Christ.
Iam a believer and as Christians we do highly believe Joy to be a fruit of the Spirit, why I mentioned earlier that it can’t be gotten by what’s exterior.

This is the part where I say Raise your hand (in this case comment ) if at any one point in your life you wondered why some Christians just seem to be filled with joy all the time even when their circumstances according to you are nothing to be excited about.
There goes your answer, when encircled in Christ you can triumph through hardships and pain.

Admist the season when you lack Joy there is always a reason why.
To be aware enables you to handle it consciously.

If you are a believer you can check your communion with God.
We are in times where years are crowded into months and months into weeks.
The rush may cause us to forget to be still before God.

For some its also a time of testing you may have to cling to God as Job did , sometimes it’s a dark night but it’s not the absence of God ,hold on a little longer.

Sometimes you are burned out, we all giving of ourselves one way or the other and it’s imperative to take a rest and be grateful.

Worry will break the soul as much as sin does.
Tough but true. Sometimes the Worry is a driving force in your lack of Joy .

‘What a privilege it is to carry everything to God in Prayer’
Anyone know this hymn it made most sense when I grew up.

Philippians 4:6-7 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Truth is we cannot produce our own joy, it is a fruit of the Spirit that grows on a healthy tree we can only keep digging our roots in the richness of who God truly is.

So have you lacked Joy of late it’s alright it’s not of permanent state.

Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God
~Teilhard De Chardin~

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Thank You Afrobloggers

A Thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue but the parent of all other virtues.

This is all about the #WinterABC2021 challenge run by @Afrobloggers every Year in the Month of June.
It’s personal to me because it’s what set me off last year to get a hang of what blogging looks like.

So of course this is me doubling it as Happy Anniversary to you my blog family.
We did it , A Whole Year whoosh. Do you know how much can happen in a Year?

Am Grateful for the opportunity to take part in the challenge and also for those who nominated me amongst the outstanding bloggers during this season you all got me extra mushy and teary. Check here https://afrobloggers.org.zw/winterabc-2021-festival-comes/ and follow them for updates.
My heart looks small but it carries a whole load of Gratitude.

Wait I actually got nominated as an outstanding blogger in this Year’s Afrobloggers #WinterABC2021 Challenge.
Thank you.

I want to specially shout out to all Ugandans that took part.
It was a hard time for us ,admist fighting sickness, losing loved ones, this fight wasn’t ours alone.
Thank you to all the rest who stood by us, comforted us, encouraged us.
I say you are heroes, strength is not a word it was displayed in each and everyone of you.

My Birthday happened too and my oh my the love from the blogger community was overwhelming.
We found reason to smile and celebrate.
Thank you for all the prayers, audios, songs.
Virtual world can be a world too I guess.

This was supposed to be a short post but here we go.

Thank you to all who took part ,to all those who spiked our statistics, to all those who read us, to all those who encouraged us , to those who motivated us, to the @Afrobloggers team leaders for being available, always teaching and building us.

Today i dare to make special shoutouts and do please follow their blogs as you follow me.
It is Gospel when you find something nice ,Share it.

The Uncle of Bloggers he will read you but Again his content has its way into our hearts.

Well this one is sort of an encyclopedia but be certain he will read you

Consistency and audacity to do what seems inevitable….worth keeping on your radar

I met him during this #WinterABC2021 but he has a way with his tales he really does.

New friend I made in this season too, his work gets one at work. Africa needs to be built.

She always read me and if I was late she came to ask if am putting a post up, she was a support. We all need these in our life and by the way Uncle B she got me that book you recommended “The Secret lives of Baba Segi’s Wives…”

Literally waiting on her to teach me about graphics ,her work is beautiful but she is also a lover of people.

A whole support system and my Queen extra plus she has great plans in the works do follow her.

We all need the ribs to crack right ,he’s must read .

We all have those friends who never share their work but he is a great support.

This one was a whole support too.

I may not have been able to mention you all but thank you.

When a new day begins dare to smile gratefully
When something seems difficult dare to do it anyway
When there is darkness dare to be the first to shine a light.

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Tell A Story 3- WABC2021

Reba sat across from the elders and watched as they argued and shook their heads.
As always Aunt Rosa looked like she was ready to swallow someone whole.

I wonder what she stands to gain anyway. She is the kind I would keep my children away from.
Urghhh can’t I go to the house and get a cloth or something my cloth is wet with all these tears.
I bet Aunt Rosa would cause hell if I even just stand up.

Daughter… Mzee Paulo called.

Hoo! Time to see what the dear elders have decided. Thank God I warned Mom am coming home I don’t want any more drama.

Soo…umm.. Mzee Paulo began as he cleared his throat.

Ahhhh ahhhh your wasting our time tell her we have decided that….

Aunt Rosa Keep Quiet at Once!! If you are trying to teach any manners you fail miserably with yourself first.

Waaaah kasta my children are well off and I have many grandchildren I can even just go now and they will welcome me.

Aha as if anyone called you Aunt Pola smirked.

Aunt Rosa shot her a look.
Don’t think I don’t have words for you madam.

Ok Ok back to the main point.
As Mzee Paulo am representing what we have discussed.
As a way forward we have decided 5years is quite a long time and we have all painfully waited so umm we decided we are not chasing you but you will have to accommodate someone else in your home.

Mzee Paulo What do you mean another person? Reba asked.

Well your Aunties and Uncles have decided to find Moz another wife you will still be the first wife but atleast allow Moz to have children to carry our clan name.

Reba sighed!! Dear Elders Do as you please.

See.. see, I told you this one might kill Makula the way she has killed all her children shouted Aunt Rosa.

That is it, That is enough. Reba stood up ,looked at all of them.

Elders I have decided something else am packing my bags and going back home you can do whatever you want with your Son.

You see, she’s just going to pick medicines to harm Makula.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Aunt Rosa Huff’s as she points her finger at Reba.

Aunt Rosa whatever you think I don’t care anymore, you have never welcomed me or treated me as a child in this home.
I may as well just leave.

Yeah now you have grown a beak eh?, You can talk to elders anyhow.
I never welcomed you because I can smell a witch from miles away ateh! don’t try me they will backfire.

Dear Elders I will be on my way, thank you for your time.

A scuffle ahead as they see Moz carrying crates of beers with some people.

Reba looks at Moz but cannot recognize him.
Here is the man who was supposed to be the father of my children.

What is going on here ? Moz asks as he notices Reba standing in the middle of the elders circle.

We have decided on some matters my son. You will see it’s going to be alright after here.

Aunt Rosa what did you decide? Moz asked as he motioned for the guys to place the crates on the ground.

Moz… Am going home.

Reba Wait !! What do you mean your going home?

Find out from your family why, I wasn’t born an orphan I have a home I once grew up in.
I have endured all the insults,abuses.
What more do you want from me?
I cannot give you what you are looking for so… Goodbye Moz.

Reba wait !! Let’s go and talk about this.

Talk about what … Makula can be here by evening. Aunt Rosa chuckles.

What ?? Who is Makula? Reba Can you wait please?

Moz you have heard your aunt you know where to find me after all this.

Thank you to all that have participated and supported during the #WinterABC2021 challenge.
For more information kindly follow the hashtag on different media sites there is so much worth learning shared on different sites.

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Tell A Story 2 -WABC2021

Moz sat at the dining table with his head bowed in his hands.

Oh God ! What have I done? What did i do? Am such a fool.
As he mumbled this over and over he heard the doors opening.
He looked up and sighed….Oh Abaho !

Abaho walked up to Moz looked at him and said ‘You look quite a sight , What’s up?’

Moz shrugged and said well am in deep trouble I might be losing my wife today.

Abaho puzzled asked… And, Why is that?

Moz looked up and him and said ‘Well right now as we speak she’s in the back in a clan meeting over the issue about children.
You know! The many miscarriages and I haven’t even told them all the ones we have lost and now she’s barely conceived for over a year so.. yeah! ‘

No way! Said Abaho as he grabbed a chair.
Moz look at me.
Firstly a marriage is not for the village it involves two people or well okay three actually.
Children are a gift from God.

Moz sighed… Abaho I know am supposed to know that but truth is am tired and I don’t know what to do.

Well start by getting your wife out of this outrageous situation.

Have you forgotten she has no power to control this situation?

Have you forgotten it’s her body that has taken the beating for all this?

I mean you can have the emotions but for her it’s physical and emotional at once.

Have you forgotten that she never stopped trying even when she wasn’t sure of what next and see how that all turned out?

What’s the worst that can happen Moz?

Have you asked yourself?

Your right friend! Maybe I have been selfish but still this is not something I asked for.
This is not how it was supposed to.go.

Abaho looked at him and shook his head.
Since when has life gone exactly as we planned.

Just look at us. Didn’t we plan to do those books together life had other plans for me but here we are alive and still living besides now I get to brag I have a doctor for a Best Friend.

Moz chuckles.. You know that PHD doesn’t make it all right.
Look at me now, letting my family decide the fate of my marriage for me.
It’s like they don’t realise am a grown man with a brain too.
You know What!  It’s just even sadder that I thought if I could work hard all of it would go away.
We have tried everything Abaho and i mean everything.

What is a Man supposed to do?

Maybe you asking the wrong questions Moz.
Since it has all failed how about we leave it all to God now.

How about you start to enjoy the wife of your Youth?
Abaho eyes widened as he remembered aha! Do you remember Mr Taremwas story?
Am not saying it can happen to you but we dont have to wait to see.
Imagine Reba is chased, have you thought of how you will start over ? Mehnnn! I wouldn’t want to be you besides you always said Reba was a fantastic wife.
Are children going to change that ?

Your right Abaho! Your right! I know I haven’t been thinking straight it’s absurd what they are doing out there.

“You know what ! I know what to do”
Moz gets up from the dining table.

To be continued…..

We are onto the Last Week of the #WinterABC2021 challenge and it’s Story telling Week.
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Story Telling Week – WABC2021

To Forget or Not Forget 3
This is a continuation to last year’s Creative story. Read here https://behindclosedscreens.wordpress.com/2020/06/23/to-forget-or-not/ Part 1

Part 2

They just couldn’t let it go could they? Reba sat in her bedroom and tried to wrap her hair while talking to her mother on phone.

Mom this time am coming home, I can’t endure this any longer.

My daughter ah ah ! Has he chased you yet? Why are you chasing yourself?

Mom the whole clan will be here today, the Aunts, Uncles I overhead the mother saying they are even coming with a traditional healer.
Mom…. You taught me to believe in God and now am going to have to undergo all kinds of treatments I barely understand.

Sigh… My Daughter… Let’s wait and see ,let’s just wait. I will be praying for you.
This God has not disappointed us, not as far as I know.

Mom Mom!! There you go again, am tired of praying I don’t even have the Hannah ability to cry, my tears have run dry, am just numb if God will answer me he will without any help my end.

Whoever said God needs your help my Child!!

Well…Mom let me hurry up before they start with all their abuses..but am telling you high chances am coming back home.

Ssssh..don’t say that child..dont!

Moz stood at the door ,did some slow breathing and knocked at the door before he entered.

Reba ,they are here. Aunt Pola is asking we go outside where they have organised.

Who else is there?
I mean the Aunts?
Is Aunt Rosa present because honestly Moz I don’t know ,I just don’t know!

Unfortunately she is here too, in fact they are all here. Today you not escaping their wrath.

But but!! How is it my fault Moz? Did I pluck all those children out ? Did I decide to kill them? Am I the one who creates Children?
Am I in this alone?

Moz looked at her and in that slow quiet manner he looked her over.

Reba can we just go already… At this point I don’t care and I don’t have answers to your questions either.
Maybe you did something and God punished us.

Ahhhh he did it again.
Put his foot in his mouth. Why did he have to say that ? Reba has never wronged him if anything she was everything his friends were praying for well…. apart from the fact that children seemed to evade them.
Arrrrgh he run his fingers through his hair as he thought of how not long ago she asked him “If she couldn’t have children would he still love her?

Reba clutched at her stomach and stepped out of the house and walked towards the meeting place.
Ehhh!! One would think this was a party and not a clan meeting to chase me out of my own home .
Reba knelt before the elders and as Aunt Rosa puts her nose in the air she shouts.

Come and kneel in the centre where everyone can see what a barren woman looks like.

Reba fought back tears as she shuffled to the center of the circle.

We are gathered here today to decide an important matter…Mzee Paulo began.

God do I deserve this? Is it all my doing? God is this what punishment looks like?
Five years ago I was the most envied bride and now am a laughing stock.
My husband barely looks at me, his family is deciding my fate as if am a pig ready for slaughter.
Lord Lord please please save me !

My daughter they are asking you. Please answer.

Forgive me elders what was the question again?

Mstwwwwccchh you see she doesn’t even listen. Nze Aunt Rosa I told you your wasting your time … She is a witch.
Ateh I warned Moz.

Mzee Paulo gave Aunt Rosa a stern look and turned towards Reba again.

Daughter we were asking if there is anything you would like to say on your behalf.

Anything like what Uncle?

Defend yourself, why do you think this is happening?

Reba blinked back her tears, looked around her.

Whatever you decide I will take Reba softly said.

Kale this ka girl, she hasn’t given us grandchildren and she still disrespects us no wonder.
Kale those children knew they didn’t deserve a mother like you. Aunt Rosa poked at her.

Reba’s shoulders shook as tears poured down her face freely.
She knew this was it ,this was it .
She couldn’t take anymore insults.
What did she ever do?
Did they want children more than her and her husband?
What did she ever do?

To be continued….

We are onto the Last Week of the #WinterABC2021 challenge and it’s Story telling Week.
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We are at the end of the road for Week 4 of the #WinterABC2021 challenge run by #Afrobloggers.
I look forward to Fridays so I can catch up with different bloggers across the continent.

This Week has really been Africanised and inspired by different blog sites I decided to share on those things that are typical Africanised.


Ok I have really suffered at the hand of African time because iam literally the only time conscious person in my family household and mum perhaps.
The rest are African Time.

It’s common to be invited for any function and it starts two hours after, heck even interviews will start late.
Its literally something so hard to change as most people lean towards late coming.

It’s painful even talking about it, we waste so much time only to finish late, we make people wait without a care of where they are headed or coming from. The African clock needs to be revised that’s all am saying.

So are you a Time keeper or you are African Time?


Most people assume all Africans dance ,I admit I also had the same mind and yet have never seen my dad dance but yet still we expect Africans to be able to dance because these beats haaai!

Get any local genre and their classic moves cut across nations.
Of late I have enjoyed watching South africans do their leg work it’s fascinating.

Read here as one confesses to being African and can’t dance https://gelaxchatroom.com/i-am-an-african-but-i-cant-dance/?s=09

Can you dance or you are an African that can’t dance?


Africans dont need decoration to enjoy they just need food.
It’s common in Uganda after attending weddings if you want to know it was successful it’s gauged by how much people actually ate.

Food is a big deal for us, even if it’s a church gathering people will ask “Is there food?”
It can sound irritating but I have realised food and Africans may be a long love life.

Wonani shares on Zambian Delicacies here

Are you a food lover or not?


I have heard so many mothers complain of how people cannot mind their business always advising them on this and that .

Newsflash..We were raised that way.

I remember as a child I went to visit my cousins one holiday and when lunch time approached,at the serving table I skipped the greens (guys my journey and greens is deep and still ongoing).
My Aunt stopped me asked me to serve all the greens I see on the table and after called my mum and advised her on how to get me to eat greens.
I guess it worked along the way.

Honestly people will poke in your childs life it’s time you get used to it and work around sieving what you listen to or not.

If you are a mother ,what has been your experience?


I have attended many functions in my life and one thing always is discussion. How many people are attending? Don’t say 10people ,you get the looks.

The upside of lockdown is it has revealed it possible to have a function with few people.

I remember a cousins function where it was taking place in Rwanda and they planned for few family members which by the way was fifty people already and the shocker for the bride family to receive notice that 120 people were coming.
That is when I knew we need the police.

We have seen enough huge weddings to know that small Weddings are not so usual amongst us. Read Jimmy thoughts here https://wp.me/payXue-4u

Has the pandemic affected gatherings in your country? Do you also have large gatherings?


For some reason it’s okay in the movies we grew up watching until you meet the man in person and he has hair.
I remember at a young age a Reverend was transferred to the church I used to go to then and one of his sons had dreadlocks.
It was such a fascination but you can imagine what was spoken of him. Yes what your thinking exactly.

A Man can grow his dreads till whenever until he has to go and meet the Girls family.
It becomes a song and dance unless your a famous musician and they got used to seeing you on the screen high chances are you hiding the hair or cutting it off.

Recently watched Date My Family Kenya and a man was rejected because he had dreadlocks.

Without so many words ,Read Uncle Beaton https://youtu.be/8WkF5GlsrbI he speaks on his experience with Dreadlocks.

I want to hear from men who don’t have hair , What is your view on men who actually grown their hair?

Care to share what other Africanised things you have heard of.
Follow the hashtag #WinterABC2021 to catch up on all different blog posts on Africa.

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Culture and Naming -WABC2021

Today i got up thinking about our names and since we are currently in lockdown in Uganda the upside is the conversations you get to have with family if it is around you.

This is my entry for Day 4 of the #WinterABC2021 challenge run by #Afrobloggers.

This information is carved from strictly where I come from I may not speak for other tribes in Uganda. To know where iam from you can read here https://behindclosedscreens.wordpress.com/2021/06/22/traditional-wear-culture-and-fashion-week/

It is interesting as most comments you will hear from people they will say our names are quite nice (meaningful) which is true to today’s sense.
Most names speak blessings but it was not always that way.

Back in the day ,my mother dated as far back as her Great Grandparents. People were named according to seasons.

If one is born in the rainy season, sunny season, planting season, harvesting season.
There were particular names attached to one by season you were born in.
Interesting right!

A transition happened, now people shifted from naming according to season but according to circumstances you were born in.

For instance if you were born while they were on there way to a midwife you were named Kemihanda (loosely translated on the road).
I know someone named kebalaza (loosely translated as Verandah ) and indeed she was born on a Verandah (house shed).

Our president cannot hide his age if you know history of names.
His name Museveni is derived from a people that called themselves Abaseveni.
These were people who took part in the World War.
So I guess it’s no shock he is man born of war and well…let me stop there.

About the time of my Parents Grandparents another transition happened.
Now people were named with a message to the neighbors or other people.

For instance one could name a child asking a neighbor What did I do to you? (Banturaki) or They hurt themselves (Bakehena) ,
Bayagana (Hatred), Turyabaje (one day we shall be fine).

It’s funny that sometimes messages were sent across through Children names.
Did you know if you were one to go back on your word there was a name for you or rather your children? Kyaramwebire (What they said they forgot.)

There we also different circumstances that caused ones name to be automated.

If you were a first born you got names like Tumutungire( We got ) ,Kyomuhendo( it is great).

If a Girl was born in the middle of two boys they were usually named kirabo or Kiconco to mean Gifts.

If one took long to give birth there were also specific names for these children like Taremwa (he never fails). Banyihayo( they have saved me).

Another Transition happened when Christianity became dominate and those are the names you here often today.
Most Children in the millennial, Generation z have names tending towards Praise , Worship, Thankfulness etc.

My surname is Ahebwa my father told us our names were gotten from a Thanksgiving prayer.
My name means Given. I was Given as a Gift.

So do you think Naming is transitioning still?

How did they name you ?

What does your name mean?

Feel free to share in the comment section.
If you are of my tribe from Uganda you can start to trace some names already.

Let’s Talk. Follow the hashtag #WinterABC2021

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Style Comebacks- WABC2021

Am sure “What goes around comes back around” was meant for something else but at this rate is does apply to fashion today.
We may not know what they were considered in the 50s,60s,70s, 80s, 90s but we know today they are considered trendy .

I would like to hear from you. What trend have you tried? What are you keeping? What are you discarding? What haven’t you tried before?
Feel free to leave a comment.
Today i will represent the ladies, Guys we shall come back for you.


This is inspiration from the 50s and 60s and it’s coming back in a big way.
Today it’s used cover up a bad hair day, protect the hair or to add a finishing touch to the outfit without over doing it.


These are back like they never left. It dates as far back as 1800s . Todays look is alot more elegant and modern.
Today you can pair them with some flared pants or high waisted skirts.


We all know the 90s look, I honestly didn’t think this would ever be back.
It’s made a comeback and we are seeing it more and more in ordinary life.


This for some reason never gets old I would gladly rock a denim any day any time.
It’s one trend that keeps coming back .
Ripped Jeans and Jackets are happening all around us.


These are an accessory that been doned by many girls and its continuously escalating in fashion sense today.
They are available, affordable and easy to make.


I personally feel like these never left ,right from a young age till today.
It was a popularity in the 90s and here we are. It’s worn by women everywhere and known to add attitude to plenty of outfits.
For some reason it seems they get bigger as time goes


Today it is a fashion set trend and it’s relive fashion through a chic combination with it.
Its also a 90s come back look.


Today they are sleeveless denim jumpsuits.
They are no longer just for farmers they are now tuned as a casual look.
It’s worth having this 90s look in your wardrobe.

It’s indeed true what goes around does come back around and sometimes not in the way you expect it.

We still onto Week 4 for the #WinterABC2021 challenge ongoing for the month of June.
Follow Hashtag on different media platforms and let’s Grow together.

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Traditional Wear – Culture and Fashion Week.

Today let’s visit Culture. Once you step on Ugandan soil you will be informed that each Ugandan comes from a tribe hailing from different parts of the country.

I come from the Western part of Uganda which also comprises of quite a number of tribes Banyakole, Bakiga, Batooro, Banyoro Bakonjo,Bahima,Bafumbira etc.

All different tribes in Uganda have different traditional outfits that distinguish them from one another.

These traditional outfits are mostly worn on ceremonies like Giveaway, Introduction parties, Coronation functions, Weddings etc.

Let me introduce you to my traditional wear.

For the Men they wear a ‘Kanzu.’
This masculine wear is similar to a tunic composed of white or cream colours.

Unlike other traditional outfits a ‘Kanzu’ cuts across many different tribes .

The Kanzu has a make of a dress and men usually wear trousers under it plus a coat over their shoulders.

It is also important to know the Kanzu is different from the Muslim wear and it’s usually by the designs.
The people you buy from can always help in this area.

For the Women we have what we call Omushanana which has its roots in Rwanda .

It’s a garment with three layers with a mini top or vest worn over a wrapper skirt with a shawl tied around the shoulders.

Another one would be called Suuti. It’s also won by women from Western Uganda.

This is common among the Banyakole, Batooro and Bahima.
It is very similar to the Omushanana and this particular wear is not meant to touch the ground but to be above it.

The difference for the tribes in the Western part of Uganda is how the shawl is worn for instance the Banyakole throw it over the shoulder, Batooro tie it in the armpits.

It’s wise to ask so you know which tribe your representing.

Due to the sentimental value attached to these traditional wears there some Donts when dressed in them.

One is expected to be gracious when dressed in these for example recent trends the leader of ethics in Uganda asked for ladies to stop twerking and dancing funny moves when dressed in traditional wear as has been the trend today.
Meanwhile how do you twerk in these…! Y’all ! It’s Crazy.

Never let the Shawl of the Omushanana or Suuti sweep the ground.

Never let your undergarments be visible.
It’s easy to go unnoticed as they is so much to wear heheh.

Don’t alter traditional design then it just ceases to be. We have seen some try to do this along the way but honestly you just end up looking dorky rather than trendy.

Most of these traditional outfits are worn on ceremonies and so you have got to know when and how.
People are always quick to help. Don’t hesitate to ask.

We are into Week 4 with Theme of Fashion and Culture under the Winter ABC2021 challenge run by the Afrobloggers.
Do read all the monthly posts it’s been quite enriching so far.

Catch me on the Streets.

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Happy Earthday to Me- WABC2021

Week Four here we come. Yes we are still on going with the #Winterabc2021 challenge.
Follow the hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and find out more .
It’s not too late to join.

Week 4 theme is Culture and Fashion Week.
This is quite exciting who doesn’t love fashion and look forward to adding to my collection. #Afrobloggers serve Gold.

Clothing mean nothing until someone lives in them.

Well so today is my birthday and I haven’t had time to prepare for this week with all the happenings around us we are trying to stay as sane as we can.

It being my Birthday I decided to let you on abit of art form I live in.

If you asked me fashion I would tell you i dress exactly the way I feel and somehow it always turns out feeling right.

Iam going to take you down a pictorial guide of what a day and what I feel may look like but then again sometimes we will fake it till it’s real.

Plus a few hacks that I believe make every ladies life alittle easier (there will probably be a part two for this)

Growing up I was quite a shy child dodged photos,never smiled in photos unless unaware, till today i don’t have a single picture of me while in high school (shocking right!) Until I smiled on one photo that made me realise I must have been gugu when young. “Who told me not to smile?” I can’t remember but one of the things I wear well is a smile.

Did you know smiling is an art taught today ? Yes you can learn to find what smile works for you if it doesn’t come naturally and it’s part of what we wear today.

Another thing that evolved, growing up my best colours were maroon, black, grey and that’s all I wanted to wear. I would pout if they bought any cloth with a different color. My nails were always painted black. It’s like I feared colour or something smh! Anyway along the way I realised colour is such a hack it needs less accessory, it speaks so loud . It makes a statement. Today people will tell you Connie loves colour and Yes now I do.

I have had a hair journey. Book lovers where are you? Remember the ugly duckling, that was my hair. I had such terrible hair I wouldn’t wish it on my children but just like in the book ,the hair turned into a beautiful swan.

I transitioned to retouched hair (away from natural) and it was still a swan just an over made up one. I decided to turn it back to Natural it’s been a year now and whoever said it or not. “Natural hair is a crown.”

About hair, Stop Saloon hopping. Hair needs care and if done by one person they are able to study it and care for it.

It’s not everyday that we can afford to touch up the Natural hair hence a Wrap. You need those scarves, those wrappers, Head Socks ..stock them. They will save you on a bad hair day.

Karl Lagerfeld once said “One is never over dressed or underdressed with a little black dress.” A twist plot A black and white combo you can’t go wrong.

When in doubt I say White does the Trick. For the ladies we all know you need this for a bridal shower somewhere .

An Up-do look should never be taken for granted. It enhances your face. I will be honest I used to hate until I found someone who could do it well.

Don’t be into trends, Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress.

Catch me on the Streets

Instagram : Connie Dia

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